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The Window Room Scene: Henry's POV
Goddess Interrupted
Because you all are awesome, and I promised you the window room scene from Goddess Interrupted (Ch. 15, pages 220-226) in Henry's point of view, here you go! 3,135 words of Henry. If you want even MORE from Henry's point of view, I would recommend picking up The Goddess Legacy if you haven't already. Lots of Henry in there.

Disclaimer: This has not been professionally edited. It's fairly raw, so please forgive any typos or grammar errors. Please keep in mind that this may not line up completely with what happens in Goddess Interrupted, so please also forgive any minor (or major) continuity errors. The books are canon. This is more or less author-generated fan fiction. If there's a major issue, I might fix it later, but for now, enjoy! (And please do not post this anywhere without my express permission.)

Also, if you haven't read Goddess Interrupted (#2 in the Goddess Test series), don't read this. Seriously. Massive, MASSIVE spoilers for both the first and second books. And potentially some minor spoilers for Goddess Legacy, too.

Without further rambling...

The Window Room Scene in Henry's point of view: from Chapter 15 of Goddess Interrupted, pps 220-226Collapse )

Gosh! Can't wait until February! :D Wonderful!

Awesome!!! it's so sweet!

I absolutely love this book series! And love Henry so much! ; w; If only he were real. Please keep writing! (And maybe just a little faster..)

I love the POV of Henry, but I have to say that I hated how he treated Kate in this book. He made me really see how big of an ass he was. Of course, I loved him again once he patched things up with Kate in the end. That's one thing about books I love-seeing how the plot can change a readers emotions. It makes me feel like I'm part of the book. I LOVE that about your series. Awesome work!

Need to read the next one! Why do we have to wait sooooo loooong. I'm getting desperate

Thank you so much for writing! I really enjoyed reading from Henry's POV. I can't wait to read the next book.

I love this! I can't wait for book 3! I love James, I know, I know. But he is a great friend to Kate, even though James wants to take Kate's husbands place.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! For your books, for this, for all your hard work, and for everything! I can't wait till February!

I need this book NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! Feb seems so far away now!

What is the next book after Godess interupted.I love this series. I need to know what happens to Kate. When does it come out?

This Henry's POV made my day <3 I remember crying in this scene when I read it through Kate's POV. No book has ever made me feel like this. I could actually "feel" kate's pain and yeah, it had hurt. Very much. Now understanding Henry in this particular scene makes me feel much better now :) Only if Kate's ability had waited a little longer to hear the whole conversation between them..... Well anyway, I'm dying for February to come. :D

That was very enlightening, I loved it. Thanks so much!

Why can't February come a little faster, I'm dying to read the next book

i remember crying at this part too. i just couldnt believe that it had happened then...but then near the end when Kate just was yellin in front of everyone it was pretty awesome. I hope you continue to do some more of Henry's POV like at that part...haha :)