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The Window Room Scene: Henry's POV
Goddess Interrupted
Because you all are awesome, and I promised you the window room scene from Goddess Interrupted (Ch. 15, pages 220-226) in Henry's point of view, here you go! 3,135 words of Henry. If you want even MORE from Henry's point of view, I would recommend picking up The Goddess Legacy if you haven't already. Lots of Henry in there.

Disclaimer: This has not been professionally edited. It's fairly raw, so please forgive any typos or grammar errors. Please keep in mind that this may not line up completely with what happens in Goddess Interrupted, so please also forgive any minor (or major) continuity errors. The books are canon. This is more or less author-generated fan fiction. If there's a major issue, I might fix it later, but for now, enjoy! (And please do not post this anywhere without my express permission.)

Also, if you haven't read Goddess Interrupted (#2 in the Goddess Test series), don't read this. Seriously. Massive, MASSIVE spoilers for both the first and second books. And potentially some minor spoilers for Goddess Legacy, too.

Without further rambling...

The Window Room Scene in Henry's point of view: from Chapter 15 of Goddess Interrupted, pps 220-226Collapse )

You are absolutely amazing!!! You're work is fantastic and it is enough to obsess anyone with. Were all so ridiculously excited for inheritance that we forget how depressed well be when it's over.

i cant wait till Feb. its driving me CRAZY